First Workshop on Urban Recommender Systems

Morning of October 18, 2024. Co-located with the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems.

As we witness an ongoing centralization of the population towards urban landscapes, recommendation technology has an increasing role in people’s perception and decision-making in cities. People use recommender systems for choosing places to stay, which attractions and restaurants to visit, and route recommender systems for navigation. This workshop aims to bring together practitioners and academics working on improving recommendations in the urban space with an emphasis on both individual needs and urban health and well-being.


Main Workshop Themes

  • Mobile Urban Recommender Systems
  • Point-of-Interest Recommendations
  • Location-based Services and Route Recommendations
  • Health-related Behavioral Change
  • Supporting Policymaking and Urban Planning
  • Responsible and Ethical Urban Recommender Systems
  • Dataset Track

Workshop Description

The ongoing urbanization leads to a concentration of population in cities, making it increasingly harder to navigate and exploit their potential. Recommendation technology has emerged as a pivotal tool shaping individuals’ attention and decision-making within these urban landscapes. People heavily rely on recommender systems to overcome the choice overload problem, from selecting accommodations to deciding on dining options and exploring attractions. Thus, recommendation algorithms significantly influence how individuals engage with and navigate cities.

The first Workshop on Urban Recommender Systems (UrbanRec) will bring together industry practitioners and academic scholars dedicated to advancing recommendation systems tailored to the unique dynamics of urban environments. We aim to highlight the advancements in recommender systems technology and also dedicate attention to the aspects of urban health and well-being, which can be positively impacted through the use of recommendation technology. By aligning technological advancements with societal goals, the workshop aims to lay the path towards more inclusive, vibrant, and livable cities where recommendation systems play a constructive role in enhancing the quality of life for all residents and visitors alike.

The workshop aims to identify pressing challenges and seize opportunities at the intersection of recommendation technology and urban sciences through interdisciplinary discussions. By integrating insights from diverse perspectives spanning urban planning, data science, psychology, and public health, participants will explore novel approaches to recommender systems that prioritize user autonomy, community well-being, and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, the workshop aims to foster a deeper understanding of opportunities in the complex interplay between technology and urban dynamics.

Workshop Organizers